Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's that time of year, again!

Ah, color! You know what is in store when you see nail polish. Life, in general, just slows down when fingernails and toenails are involved. Which color would you pick?My daughter gave me a wonderful pre-birthday, "DAY" of celebrating....starting with my toes. Happy feet! And, a peek at the new flooring in the bathroom. Do my toes look one year older and wiser, too?
I loved slipping into these......perfect sandal wearing day!

And, we headed here. I do love a good Olive Garden meal. The chicken dumpling soup, garden salad, bread sticks and dessert...could not have been better .And, I had my daughter pose out front with our little "doggie-bag".After eating and laughing...and more laughing, than eating, we headed to a movie----and then, it was time for a little bit of shopping. Aly bought herself a new bike seat for her college bike. But, being a special day and all, I now have a new bag. Love the big beads on the left-side handle. Fits my stuff, which really means the basics that all women carry around.... and a "book".

And, we both have new bobbles for our ears-ha!All in all, we had a great day. Aly will be at college when my birthday rolls around, so, this was a very nice pre-birthday surprise. Much appreciated, Aly. Good luck in school and lets do this again. xoxoxoxo

p.s. Have since, cracked one of my toes. Not good. It is totally black, blue, red and swollen like crazy. Thank-goodness my toenails are still looking good!

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  1. Yikes! I hope your toe gets better! Love those nail colors, and esp the pic with your black shoes! Great shot!


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