Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Muffins

Back in the day, I use to make Friday muffins with my children. It was an extra special way of saying, "Thank-goodness we have made it to Friday. Let's celebrate". And we baking and eating muffins. We, however, did not make these double delicious yummy chocolate muffins. This is yet another one of my secret, ever so easy, anyone can do this, recipes.
And, don't they look so good, cooling on this extra cute dish towel from my friend, Denise? Yes, they do! Ha.
So, it's in the box! Yep. Me, the healthy eating, nutrition guru of all foods good or bad.....a mix. This happens to be the best mix I have ever tried. It is so divine. I love making these muffins in my large muffin pan. You really get a little cake size muffin, which, is always fun. I have made baskets full of these muffins as gifts. They make a great gift. But, first things first...make some for yourself or your family and enjoy. Well, here's to a new week. Happy Muffin Monday, everyone!


  1. Those look absolutely fabulous. It's so true, they look more like cake and less like muffins, hehe. And Denise, that is one super cute dish towel you found!

  2. Thanks for the kudos on the dish towel. It is no big deal, you guys. I LOVE this great tip on the muffin mix.


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