Monday, May 17, 2010

The Writer and her Revenge

Ahhh it feels so good to be back home sitting at my computer eating my oatmeal (that I eat every morning). A week long vacation is just too long to be away from the sanctity and sanity of my own home. Especially when it includes the in-laws. And with only 6 weeks left of pregnancy, while I can't see my feet, I'm just glad they are still holding me up.

My topic of the morning is both to clear the bad air that seems trapped inside and to rid myself of the damp pressure that other people's actions have left pressing on my shoulders. Specifically one person's. The solution: writing.

I love to write. There is an absolute pleasure of getting lost in another world and of seeing characters come to life like a watercolor before my eyes. Writers are dreamers. I would be just as content to live a life through the pages of a book as in living it myself. To me, they are the same thing. Many drafts are fit for a ride down the porcelain express but as physical exercise releases the tension of the body, so does writing release the stresses of the mind.

Today what I like most about writing is that it's a purifying form of revenge. There is nothing like turning a real-life Mr. Nasty into a fabulously written antagonist to make you feel justified. While he/she is disguised under the guise of another name, other features and even a different accent you can show the world their true colors. Better yet, on paper, you--in the alias of your main character--always have the right comeback. The confidence to stand up to them when you can't in real life. Everyone can see the way they treat you, it's not a secret anymore. And it's all legal.

(On the other side, it's no wonder my favorite people in life become the most heart-rending and beautiful people in my stories. It's a tribute to them and their unfailing loyalty, humor and my desire to showcase their attributes).

While this in no way should replace the honesty of a confrontation or the sincere desire to seek out the offender and make amends, it sure helps me blow off steam in a respectable way. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at a relationship the other person will never grow up even if they are much older and "wiser" than you.

My newest character has been slowly forming in my mind over this last year; a hologram floating in mid-air waiting unfinished until she finally broke out of the mold. This week sprung her out onto paper like a spontaneous birth. Somehow the mask of generosity and love slipped down over her nose and her true colors were revealed. Hello world.

Boyfriends who did me wrong, girlfriends whose own shameful behavior flung mud at my own face somehow all add effects to the characters in my novels. I feel like I have overcome those barbs by using the experiences in a productive way instead of letting them fester or shake my self confidence. These people haven't won! Their shortcomings and downright meanness have not prevailed over me! And if you happen to get published and they happen to read your story and recognize themselves you can smile serenely and thank them for helping you create such a despicable character. :)


  1. Wow. Beautifully written! And, so true, so true!!!! xoxoxo

  2. You are right. Writers are dreamers. I think we are also healthier than non-writers because we engage in regular "therapy." Writing in my journal *always* makes me feel better. It is a way of organizing my jumbled thoughts into neat, ordered sentences. Even if I don't discover the answers to life's problems in my writing, my mind relaxes. I get the feeling that, ahhhh, everything is now right with the world.

    I haven't tried the kind of therapy you speak of though...bringing the nasty people in my life into a story and then triumphing over them. This is very smart. LOTS of writers do this. Remember Roald Dahl and Matilda? Dahl suffered terrible abuse as a child in British boarding schools...and he got all the nasty people back by publishing their sins. Ha ha May you triumph as well.


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