Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some very good eats!!!!!!

Schools out for A and she is back to work full-time for the summer. On her first day back at the shop, A made-up a veggie platter to share with co-workers. It looked so good that I had to make one for us to enjoy at home. And, it was great! Such an easy "reach for" snack and we are now really loving pea pods. They are sweet and yummy.

Ranch dressing from the store is divine, but, don't forget the option of a lower calorie dressing, such as....1 cup plain yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon dry Ranch Dressing mix. Or, you can replace the plain yogurt with greek yogurt or a low calorie sour cream. Or be daring....go plain!!!!

Hello Strawberries...

Just had to make jam the other day. Strawberries were $1.00 a container. That just screams "MAKE JAM" to me.

And, I still use my bread machine quite heavily. Does anyone else use a bread machine? To me, a bread machine is like a crock-pot....I can put all the ingredients in the bread container, pop it into the machine, and presto! I can leave the bread unattended for hours. And, when the bread is done, my machine shuts off. So nice. On extra busy days, the worry of raising bread and being right their for that exact moment to put the bread in the oven...and then watching over the bread as it bakes....all gone. So, I love my bread machine.
Bread and can you not smile and dig in!!!

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  1. This food all looks so yummy! Sydney, you are a great photographer. On the other hand, who is taking the picture when you have both hands in the strawberry jam pot?

    Anyway, I had pea pods at a wedding reception last night. So yummy. I forgot about pea pods! I am going to buy some when I grocery shop today.

    Thanks for inspiring me on a continuous basis with this delightful blog.


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