Thursday, May 6, 2010

Suns Win!!!

Growing up I never enjoyed watching basketball on tv. Not until college when I started dating my husband and many evenings were spent at his apartment watching the games with his roommates (5 out of 6 were from Phoenix). Most of the time my few comments were never noticed among the man-yells and no one thought to high five me after a breakaway or smashing dunk.
Now that we're married and I'm the only one here for Aaron to high five I find myself eagerly anticipating the Suns games. Wait, what? You actually enjoy your husband spending 3 hours sitting in front of the t.v. and ignoring you? Yes I do, and here's why.
I can tell you that Nash shoots an impressive 93% from the free-throw line, that Frye favors the shoulders for 3's and that Stoudemire is an amazing man. Grant Hill goes hot and cold each game and J. Richardson is one of the best over-all athletes on the team. I'm an amateur but when I speak a man's language, I get a response. When I ask about stats, percentages and predictions, I don't have to ask five times before being heard. Aaron emails me "Suns game tonight, don't forget!" from work and I find a particular delight in having a joint interest we can participate in together. We yell, we shout, we jump out of our seats, we high-five, we boo, we keep a running commentary while one is getting snacks from the kitchen and the excitement of a good game is infectiously uplifting. For those 3 hours I'm not just "the wifey"I'm his pal, his buddy, his game-watching friend and I get a certain respect for that. While I pat myself on the back for knowing more facts about the Suns team, I don't think anyone is more impressed than my husband.
So here's to the Suns! Who won game 2 against the formidable Spurs! And who made me my husband's buddy.


  1. ...simply beautiful...xoxo

  2. Awww i love that story :) the way you write is so creative, and flowing. and it's so cute that you two share that together, who would have thought that basketball would have brought you guys closer together?! Because it is true, we never really grew up watching sports ;) but now that you're an expert fan, GO SUNS! love, alyson

  3. Jenna,
    This is very insightful and clever. My mom disliked watching sports almost as much as she disliked the time my dad "wasted" watching sports. As a young child, I noticed the discord. In fact, I started to sit and watch sports with my dad because I felt sorry for him. My dad and I shared (and still share) a special "sports" bond. My husband LOVES that I am pretty much addicted to college football. Our sports watching has truly enriched our marriage. I'm happy to see the Suns enriching your marriage and the lives of your future children. Go Suns!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Denise. It's so good to hear about this situation working in other homes. (I wonder if maybe watching those Lions games at your house for Thanksgivings and seeing everyone involved didn't also play a part in why I like watching sports together today! :)


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