Saturday, May 15, 2010

Toasted Egg Muffin

So good and so very easy. In a large bowl, I whisked some eggs together (7-8), added in some green onion, green pepper and added in a little cheese. Ok, a lot of cheese-ha! I pressed some whole wheat bread into my "large" muffin piece of bread per cup. Then, I poured in my egg mixture. I was surprised when the eggs soaked into the bread..a lot. So, I added more and more until the cups could hold the egg you can see below.

I then baked them at 350 for about 13-15 minutes. The egg mixture puffs up and looks really cool. You can tell when they are done....they look done and the bread looks like toast.
Yum! These little gems turned out so well. And, a little bonus, they are good cold. My husband and son love having these in their lunch, instead of a sandwich.
I think you can add just about anything to the toast cup that you would use to make your favorite omelet. So, get creative and give this nifty recipe a try. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
P.S. We used this recipe at Jenna's Baby Shower Brunch.

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  1. I sure love all your recipes. Keep them coming--they're becoming my weekly menus! :)


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