Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Treats

A perk about living in Las Vegas are the SHOWS!

This weekend we went with our good friends to see Andrea Bocelli on his Christmas tour. SO well worth it. Here we are with him..

There was a violinist alone who made the ticket price worth it as well as 2 other female soloists who accompanied Bocelli as he sang. A great night of music!

On Sunday it was time to get to work...

Time to send some goodie bags with Aaron to work..on the agenda this year was Ginger Snap Softies, Oreo Truffles and "Reindeer Feed" (only instead of white chocolate and peppermint I used peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar.

Apparently, the Oreo truffles were a big success..I'll post the recipe later this afternoon! Or, if you have time now, it's on Sister's Cafe. On the left they have all of their holiday treats so be sure to check those out if you need more yummy holiday ideas.


  1. I just love his voice, and loved when he came here and sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
    Your goodies look wonderful, looks like we both love to do all of this! ;D

  2. om nom nom! that must have taken so much time to put all of those together, as far as cooking AND packaging goes. however i have to say, it looks like they turned out to be a fantastic holiday treat!

    ps i watched some ghost whisperer today ;)

  3. Holy Cow! Andrea Bocelli. What a holiday treat. So glad you all had the chance to go and enjoy. Wow! And, your treats for Aaron to take to work....double WOW! Your pictures of the making of the goodies are dazzling and the results are more than divine. Aaron must have been mighty "popular" carrying all those cheerful holiday bags into work--ha! Great job and love the picture of you in your kitchen...hard at must be one of Santa's BEST elfs. I think so. xoxoxoxo

  4. Julie, so good to find another Bocelli fan! I've looked up his singing with the Mormon Tab. Choir and it IS just beautiful. They say he has the "most romantic voice" in the world. I agree!

    Aly- Ah yes! Now if only they'll run more episodes of our "Hiiiiiiiii" ha!

    Mom- Why thank you, they were a big hit at work. So nice to be able to do something for Aaron since he's there working so hard for us. We might have to make some Oreo truffles this winter break!


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