Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myths and Facts of Couponing

1). Couponing is for old ladies....

While I may dye my hair..and Toothless is balding in some spots... c'mon!

2). Couponing only saves a little bit of money. I mean, .50 off a $3.50 product really isn't that much..

Cost: $150 paid: $40

3). It is cheaper to buy the generic store brand.....

Not so. I NEVER spend money on razors, toothpaste and around a dollar on deodorant. Can't beat free!

4). I don't have time...

There are actually blogs out there that match store sales with coupons for you. They give you the list, tell you where to get the coupons and all you have to do is buy the stuff!

5). There is so much to learn, its confusing.

(I MADE $5 by buying these products)

Yes, it is. It's taken me a few months now to start really getting good at couponing. I'm not a pro yet, I'm def still learning but there is nothing like the high you get when you walk out of a store with your wallet still full and bags of groceries in your hand. I always hate coming out of a store with my money spent and two bags in my hand. Two bags?!

The Pantene scenario above was a tricky one...but it came off without a hitch. Here's the breakdown:

Proctor and Gamble has a promotion going on where if you buy $50 in product you get a $20 rebate.
Albertsons ran a promotion where if you bought $30 in participating P&G (Proctor and Gamble) products then you get a $10 catalina* for their Gift Card mall.

(*a separate "receipt" looking thing that they hand you with your real receipt. This could be a "Save $1 on your next purchase of 2 Johnson's Baby lotions" etc.. When you buy certain products, it triggers these catalinas or "Cats" as they call them.)

Combine the two and I made money by buying the above products.
(The promotion is no longer going on or I'd urge you to go out and do it)


4 Pantene Shampoos =($14)
4 Pantene Conditioners = ($14)
1 Cover Girl eyeshadow single= ($2.44)
total: 30.44 (*total must be $30 for Albertson's gift card deal)

4 Buy one Pantene get one free coupons
2 $1/2 Pantene coupons
1 $1/1 Cover Girl product coupon

OOP (Out of Pocket)= $13.44 Get Albertson's $10 Catalina.

Buy an Albertson's gift card and load the $10.

transaction 2:

2 Olay body washes ($11.98)
2 Olay lotions ($14)

Total: $25.98

2 Buy Olay body wash get lotion free coupons
Albertson's $10 gift card


Now, since I bought over $50 in P and G products (before coupons), I can apply for the $20 P&G rebate. Which means:

Total OOP: $15. 42 + $20 rebate= I've MADE $4.58.

Pheeewww!? Did you get all that? So really, if I had walked into the store and bought 1 Olay body wash for $5.49 I would be spending more on that one purchase alone then by buying everything above. Couponing is the only way you spend less, buying more. Weird huh?

If you have more interest in learning about HOW TO coupon check out this this post by a site I frequent HERE. It gives one of the best overall run downs I've read. If you're confused about anything, ask me! (This is to spare all of you who aren't interested. I think I've gone on long enough here...!)

--Oh, and the Playtex was a separate purchase, I paid .74 per box!


  1. HOLY COW! This is all so amazing to me. Sign me up for some couponing tutoring lessons...and I will look at the site you frequent, as well. Amazing!!!!! xoxo

  2. I used to be pretty good at couponing but have slacked off since I started teaching. You have motivated me to get back in the game. Like you said, saving money is so satisfying.

  3. man oh man!! you really are a pro, it takes a lot of savvy to figure out that last deal on the soaps and products

  4. oh and ps..i LOVED the picture of you and toothless, hehe, so cute.


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