Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Wonders!

What a great way to start the weekend. Fresh juice really hits the spot!
Out to the Christmas Tree Farm to meet dear friends. Nice chilly day to tromp around the tree farm seeking "the perfect tree".Saws and wagons for cutting and hauling "the perfect tree".

Making way.....or making fun along the way!

...and some more fun! Gotta have fun!


Eureka! "The perfect tree"!

Calling out encouragement and support..until it is realized....

...this job is going to take two.

"The perfect tree" is loaded up and we begin to haul back to the barn. Job well done!

I so love this next part...the tree is put into this small machine and shook like crazy to get rid of excess nature and such. Prepping for the wrap.
Straight through the tree machine. All neat and tidy and ready for the ride home.

Strapping "the perfect tree" to the car.

Friends head home, my son and I head into the barn to warm-up, look at all the beautiful homemade ornaments, wreaths, etc. We leave taking the cutest small 'free' red apples to munch on as we happily head home.
And then, it happened. Finally. Welcome snow. Wonderful winter weekend!

How was your weekend? Busy times...wonderful times. xo


  1. Thanks for the sharing of finding your perfect tree. That was really interesting to me to see how others do that. We always head up to the mountains around our home and a truly perfect day for it is when it's snowing! ;D

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love all these pictures. What a fun day! We had a great weekend too.

  4. That is such a nice looking tree! I'm so excited for Christmas! :D There was snow...and now there hasn't been since November. It's even gotten up to 69* out here and only rain lately!! What's going on?!? Maybe Utah will be snowy and cold for Christmas when we get there. Looks pretty Christmas like out there!!

  5. Wow I didn't even recognize the boys, they are so tall!! ha! Can't wait to see everybody when we come out!


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