Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Wildflowers, Flowers and Growing Things.....

Sure do enjoy the beauty of a winter sunrise. I see this quite frequently from my front porch, during the winter. It is a real treat!

And, these little beauties, too. Aren't these fun and cute little flower pincushions? They sure hit the spot with their bright and cheerful disposition, during the winter months. This pattern was designed by Anna Maria Horner, and was published in Good Housekeeping. You can find it here.... Just look at the sidebar under Wildflower Pincushion. There you go.

And, did I mention how much I adore these long pearlized pins? I am not sure if I made the pincushion so that I could use the pins, or bought the pins to enjoy in the pincushion. Most likely a little of both. Ha! They are dazzling!

Tis the season for my Christmas Cactus to bloom and bloom and bloom. This is a cutting from my Grandmother's cactus plant. I would see her original plant blooming in her living room, when I was a little girl. I think a lot of us in my family have starts from Grandma's plant. Sure is bright and elegant.

And, a little surprise. Ha! Just have not been able to let my small, yellow, pear tomato go the ways of the world. I brought it in from off of our back porch sometime in October as the nights were getting toooo cold. Every time I picked the last of the yellow tomato's, their would be new little ones growing. So.......

Hope you are finding winter beauty and lovely growing things in your neck of the woods.
Happy Holidays! xo

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