Monday, December 6, 2010

Hurray! Computer is back up and running!

Sorry, friends. My computer has been down since before Thanksgiving--bah! Today, the computer is back up and running and I have something to show and tell. Read on.
Have you ever experienced this before?
This is a favorite holiday treat that my parents send to us right before Thanksgiving...... every year.
Do you just love it? We do! Look what can be done with a Fuji apple...and not just any Fuji apple....this apple is HUGE.....with caramel, dark chocolate, chopped almonds...divine!

Now, compare the Willams - Sonoma Fuji apple with my local store's Fuji apple. See how big and delightful it is?
Do you need to get one of these for yourself? Maybe so-ha! It is so delicious and makes us smile! It is so festive and never a complaint.
Thanks Mom and Dad! xoxoxoxo


  1. Caramel apples are my favorite thing and this big boy I! ;D

  2. This looks divine! I love your mom.


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