Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis The Season for........

The Nutcracker Ballet! Have you ever been? So glad we got to go this year. I have such fond memories of going to The Nutcracker with my Mom, sisters, Aunt and cousins. We would dress in our Sunday best and oh how we loved the super-duper large dress costume...loads of little children would be hiding beneath the dress. As the dancer would lift the edge of the very large- circular dress, 4-5 little children would run out onto the stage. This would happen over and over until all the little ones were out from underneath the dress. They exited in the same way they came onto the stage...under the dress. Sigh! Love it!

Have had some really yummy warm meals lately. It has gotten quite chilly here in Michigan. It was time to make some homemade bread sticks. They are easy and quick...well, somewhat quick. Depends if you let the dough rise or not. Sometimes we just mix and bake. Check out the recipe.

2/3 cups warm water. 1 teaspoon salt. 2 cups flour. 1 and 1/2 teaspoons yeast. Mix all ingredients together and knead until dough is soft and smooth. Then, just like most all of us use to do with play-doh, grab some dough and start to roll out "snakes". When my children were young, they just loved rolling out the dough into long snakes...or worms. Can let rise until double in size or just bake at 350 degree's for around 12-13 minutes. I keep a close eye and usually end up adding a little more time to just get the tops a little brown. Right out of the oven, I brush the bread with butter and add a little salt. Ready to serve.

We ate our bread sticks with this yummy, cozy meal.

I love this old fashion, Christmas-winter wonderland fabric. I just finished working on this flannel blanket for my sweet, little grand daughter. It will be nice and toasty warm for her this holiday season.

I finally pulled out our Christmas Carol books. I grew-up singing carols out of this book. My Mom , bless her heart, bought books for all of us to have in our own homes with our own families. Such a treat and brings back such happy memories.

So much to enjoy and celebrate this holiday season. May all your dreams come true!


  1. I have been, it is awesome! Thanks for the yummy meal, just wonderful! And I love that material in the blanket, so cute! I grew up with a dad that could play anything he heard, we sang a lot and I still love to sing ;D

  2. I love your post. I was talking to family members about going to the Nutcracker and got talked into buying tickets for a sporting event instead coughcorinnecough. I *love* sports, but I am dreaming about the ballet.

    I love the picture of the song books lined up on the piano. Sydney, you could win a photo contest with a lot of your pictures. Thanks, by the way, for enriching my life with this wonderful blog.

  3. Denise....come with us to the Nutcracker next December. Let's make it a date. And, thanks for the nice comment about my photo's. So very kind of you. xoxoxo

  4. Mmmm all of those things make me so excited to be home so soon! :)

  5. and i agree, one of my favorite parts of the Nutcracker is the giant dress with hiding children as well


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