Friday, March 26, 2010

Cookie of the Week- Mystery of the Secret Stash

TGIF! It's been a long and busy week and nothing rings sweeter than a Friday. Or Mrs. Burgoyne's Cookies. A family favorite, they've been our staple cookie for parties, take-over desserts, lunches, snacks and my dad's not-so-secret stash in his bathroom closet.

Question: Why do all men have secret stashes? The other day The Husband came home from work and pulled out a bag of M&M's from behind a picture frame on our entertainment center. Is it part of a man's "Provide and Secure" hard wiring? Or The Reverse Guilt Conscience belief that if left out and unattended their snacks will get eaten up by us women as fast as they would if they happened upon a bag of goodies themselves? Hmmm....

That is why, when mom would bake us these cookies for school lunches we would automatically store away half the cookies with a note reading "Don't eat, Dad!". If you know my dad you know that his body runs on cookie fuel. Every birthday and Christmas he receives bags of cookie dough, oreos and coupons for cookies during the year. Inevitably his chocolate nose found our stashes, he'd be rendered temporarily unable to read, and by morning half of them would be gone and in his reservoir. BUT this same Cookie Monster still never wastes a moment in sharing his spoils, whether it be Sandies Pecan cookies during late night tv watching, oreos for Friday night movie night or as a peace offering after an argument.
(love you, dad!)

This week, many of these cookies probably disappeared into my dad's bathroom closet but the rest of them went to another little man who will grow up to have his own secret stash. Mom?

Friends from our church, just welcomed a new baby boy into their family. This is their second son. So, I got into my fabric stash and pulled out some of the softest knits and made some little baby newborn beanies.

(Tutorial to come soon!) And, I was thinking that big brother might need a little something for himself, during this change and adjustment of NOT being the only child at home anymore. So I decided to make some tiny cookies that would fit just right into a little boy's hand.
I used my teaspoon measuring spoon as a cookie dough scoop. The dough looked so cute and small on my cookie sheet. I placed a quarter by the sheet so you can see how small these cookies are before baking.

Yummy tiny raisin cookie. Just plain fun.

A little boy with a new baby brother needs a nice bowl full of cookies of his very own.

Mrs. Burgoyne's Chocolate Chip Cookies:

1/3 cup shortening (canola oil works best...not butter)
3/4 cup brown and white sugar mixed
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
MIX together
Add, 1 cup flour, plus 3 Tbs.
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 large Hershey's milk chocolate bar broken into pieces
(or you can use chocolate chips to desired chocolate-ness about 1/2C-1 cup)

Drop onto ungreased cookie sheet by Tbs. Bake 325 for about 10 minutes. Yields 2 dozen cookies (I usually double the batch) The secret of this recipe is not to bake them until too well done. They are yummy!!!!

That's it for our first Cookie of the Week special! We thought we'd introduce our family tried and true cookie first but every Friday we'll feature a cookie recipe from a magazine, food show etc.. Next week we're bringing over a guest blogger to share her health conscience food blog along with her favorite recipes!

Until then, the forum is open for discussion: Does your husband/boyfriend/dad have a secret hiding place for goodies? What treat does he hide there most often? Is it a family-known secret spot or is it really hidden?!

xo Sydney and Jenna


  1. hahaha oh the secret stash! it's so true, i feel like a lot of men have a little something hidden away somewhere :) loved seeing the pictures of the mini cookies! they were so cute

  2. Haha. Women have that too. Dad and I know most of my mom's places but I'm sure there are still many more. I think it runs in the family starting with Grandpa. :) Those cookies sound so delicious!

  3. I never thought about how men stash goodies. My husband has a spot up high in one cupboard in the kitchen, and at times he will stash the *really* good stuff in our master bathroom to snack on right before bedtime. It's comforting to know that my husband is in very good company.

  4. Whoa, I always followed Dad and his stash (sometimes it moved to below the oven, or in the front hall closet) but to your bathroom? Wow, his abilities to stash are pretty amazing. I thought it was funny when I went to work with him one day and saw he had a stash in one of his drawers. It must be hard wired into their genes!

    Love the picture of the cookies. They look so adorable AND delicious! A great combination.

  5. adorable post. I remember treasuring some of the beanies my boys had. And, you gotta love it when peeps remember to bless the sibling whose world is being rocked by some new lil baby. lol


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