Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Using WAGS Register Rewards

So you have some Register Rewards.. here is how to use them.

-You must have the same number of items or more as register rewards.
ex: Buy 1 item, use 1 RR. Buy 5 items, use 5 RR maximum.

-You cannot use 3 different register rewards added together to pay for one item

ex: You're buying diapers for $8. You cannot combine your $1RR, $2RR and $4.50RR. One item per RR used. So you'd use the $4.5o one here.

-The register views it as a manufacturer's coupon so if you are using coupons you'll need an item for your coupon and an item for your RR.

This is where "fillers" come in handy. Say:
Buy: 3 wrapping papers for $2 each
Use 3 $1/1 coupons=$3 left to pay.
You have a $3RR to use. Each coupon or RR has to "attach" itself to an item. Your 3 coupons have already attached themselves to your 3 items. So pick up a .50 candy bar or .10 nail file so you can use your $3 RR.

-the value of your RR cannot exceed your item(s) total.

Say you're buying deodorant for $3.75 (if you coupon, you'll NEVER pay this much!) and have a $5RR. The register won't recognize your RR because it exceeds your item price. So you'll need to add filler items to make up the extra $1.25 you lack before tax.

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