Monday, March 22, 2010

Food and Felt

Oven roasted chicken, asparagus, and green salad with veggies, walnuts, craisons, and croutons!

While living in Linden, California, I used to go out in our backyard, behind our fence by our fruit trees, and cut asparagus. What a treat and so good, too. I don't know how hard it is to grow asparagus because I had nothing to do with the planting of the asparagus. But, I did have something to do with the lawn mower "hanging" halfway up our huge artichoke plant, incident. Not pretty. So as I got out my trusty three-legged silver steamer I had to smile...memories.

I could easily spend the majority of my grocery shopping time in the vegetable and fruit area. I love vegs and fruits. And, when I spied the circular 3 tiered display of tempting asparagus, I knew I would be adding that to our first, "Hey---it's Spring", dinner on Saturday. I love bright, deep colored vegetables and those are the healthiest for you too. I noticed a few other forgotten vegetables making a come back this spring, also. And, maybe some that have been here all along, but ignored. I've silently vowed to be more adventurous and bold in my shopping and cooking with vegetables. We shall see where it takes me.

The more you know.....10 ounces of asparagus has 68 calories and 9 grams of protein. It is loaded with minerals and antioxidants. White asparagus is cultivated by depriving the plants of light, and keeping them covered with soil. They are slightly bitter, but, more tender, soft and delicate.

Speaking of colors.........

I teach and sing music on Sundays with the nursery age children. Surprisingly, one of their most favorite activities goes a long with a song called...Rain Is Falling All Around, by Moiselle Renstrom. Last fall I cut out these felt fall leaves. As we sang the song...."Leaves are falling all around, on the housetops on the ground. Leaves are falling on my nose, on my head and hands and toes"..... I would drop the leaves over their little cute heads and they would try to catch the leaves. They just loved this activity....

Then came winter....
"Snow is falling all around", was just as popular.

Now we're onto Spring. Saturday, I cut out orange and yellow sunshines for the children. I changed the song to...."Sun is shining all around, on the housetops on the ground"...etc. They continue to love this activity. All it takes is a bit of felt and some good fabric scissors. Felt is so child friendly...when the felt leaves, snowflakes or sunshines make their way to the classroom floor, little chubby, cute hands, help to pick up the felt. They hand it to me, oft times, all waded up, held tightly in their little fists-ha! They are helping and felt just lays back out nicely and ready to go again.

This is a great rainy day activity, fhe project for families with young children, or for primary lessons or other church callings!

Happy Monday!



  1. I love the felt idea for nursery! Such a perfect calling for you - I can see you being so good with it.

    Your dinner menu is inspiring also. Keep the menus coming! :)

  2. That was such a good idea to have a "hey--it's spring!" meal! Not only did the colors look really pretty, but it looked absolutely delicious too! Such a good way to welcome in the spring weather :)

  3. We celebrate the first snow fall in our house. I never thought about the first signs of spring. Well, it's probably too late now...with the kids almost grown.


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