Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeling the urge?

image from The little red house

My green thumb has been acting up lately and I can't stop myself from hanging around the gardening section at Home Depot, if just to smell the flowers and imagine the wonderful garden I could have if I didn't live in an apartment. In fact, I have no access to dirt at all. I will confess that along with loitering I'm guilty to plotting a night trip to a local park and filling a few jugs with dirt because the concept of BUYING dirt is ludicrous to me. SO for those of you who are in tight quarters like me or who are looking for a way to bring the outdoors inside, here are 2 GREAT ideas!

Sheena at The Little Red House uses glass terrariums (these are her pictures):

Easily found in your cupboards, thrift stores etc..

Inside are rocks, moss, active carbon...

And plants!

Some examples of plants you could plant in your terrariums can be found here.

Can you see where her terrariums are?! I think they look gorgeous sitting on a shelf unit or out on a kitchen table or window sill. For full instructions and other links, see her blog.

What I'm trying now are these water bottle feeders. With the most ingenious watering system idea:

this image and the following from Self Reliant Sisters

I know you have water bottles or soda bottles lying around the house or gathered around your trash/recycle cans in your kitchens.

All you do is cut the bottle in half (please do not stab yourselves) and invert the top into the bottom.

By adding a 1/8" piece of rope or yarn you've constructed a self-watering wick. Water your soil and then fill the bottom of the bottle with water, refilling only as needed. For people like myself that can easily forget to feed something (RIP gerbil) this is ideal as you only have to water when the base reserve is out. Also ideal for college dorm room sills or for young kiddy-winkies to be in charge of.
The site is Self-Reliant Sisters and they also offer great tips and links for food storage and coupon advertisements (for the Nevada region).


  1. J...I believe I am going to be a terrarium convert-ha! This is such a good idea, and seems so doable...almost carefree. And, the water bottle feeders---smart! What a great way to water a plant. I am hooked. Got to try this out.

  2. i've been feeling a green thumb too! but i face the same predicament of living in an apartment. i was tempted to go out and buy a plant from the store, but this seems like it would be much more crafty and fun


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