Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I was 8 years old I saw my first live bagpipe performance. Since it's not your traditional band/orchestra instrument I took up the piano and violin instead. But every year at this time I hear those bagpipes going again and wonder if I have missed my true calling in life. There is something about the wailing drone that stirs my bones.
I claim no Irish descent but I sure can appreciate the day. I'm wearing my green, listening to Riverdance and although it's still morning, decided to pull my own drink off tap:

The husband left for a much needed golfing day so I was up at the crack of dawn making him a fortified breakfast for a long day on the course. Cocoa is my drink of choice 365 days of the year! Had I been ten years younger I probably would have dyed it green but let's not go crazy. After all, I'm not really Irish.

Tomorrow I'll show you the mother load I brought home from Joanns and upcoming projects. Complete with the story of what happens when you put a fabricaholic pregnant woman between two claustrophobic aisles stuffed with 60% off flannel fabrics.

Happy St. Pattys!


  1. You are a girl after my own heart. Got to love cocoa 365 days of the year. Glad to see your cocoa machince on your kitchen counter. Our's is still being used as well..even though it is very spring like and in the 60's today. Happy St.Patricks Day.

  2. For the first time in my life (if I remember correctly), I forgot about St. Patrick's day. One of my students even pinched me! I'm glad to know that you still have your wits about you and have celebrated marvelously. Did you take a picture of yourself between the stuffed aisles? I hope so.

  3. I tried to comment on here yesterday. I was so excited to be the first. But alas... I forgot my password and had to wait and wait and wait til this morning to get a new one. So here is just about everything I said:


    I hope you do take up the bagpipes for two reasons:

    First so I can laugh at you, for no longer than 5 minutes, and think how silly you look carrying around those bagpipes.

    Second so I can look at you in awe of how I am so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. I would marvel at how you are so talented at everything you do and I would be so proud of you for going after something you truly wanted to do, taking it by the reigns and really conquiring the task. You are an amazing woman and I do think that if you really think you missed your calling of the bagpipes you shoudl take them up. I mean I was really thinking about this yesterday when I was watchign a show and they were talking about how when they die they want everyone to know how accomplished they were in their life and I wouldn't want you to have any regrets later in life. I know I want to do things, go places and make something of my life so that others see me at the end of the day and think: there goes Lauren, wow she did amazing things.

    I already say this about you, but I want you to feel it too, so I say go for the bagpipes, I won't laugh at you too long. And then when I'm done, I truly will marvel in how captivating you are! Love you sister, love your blog and can't wait to hear about the fabric store adventure!


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