Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skittle me 100!

Today is our daughter Kristen's 100th day of missionary service in California. When the kids were little, their elementary school would celebrate their 100th day of school. It was great fun to celebrate with each child bringing 100 items to school. So, we sent Kristen 100 colorful Skittles (she loves them) to help kick off the 100th day celebration in the field.
So here's to you, Kristen! Happy 100th Day!


  1. did you use 100 skittles to make the 100 in the picture?

  2. I love that you combined a fun school-day memory with a milestone in Kristen's grown-up adventure. You always have the greatest ideas to bring joy and happiness into others' lives.

  3. What a cute idea!! Thanks so much for stopping by apron girls... I'll definitely be checking your cute blog again!


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