Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Good to be GREEN!!!!!!

Got a text from my MSU daughter at 11:50pm Friday night saying, "WE JUST WON".
Go MSU!!! Love this season of college basketball and the Sweet 16 series. We play
Tennessee today, Sunday, and will (crossing fingers) head into the Final 4 after that!
*update: We WILL head into the Final 4!

Speaking of GREEN ...on Saturday night we had the 4th annual Earth Hour. Buildings in more than 104 countries turned off their lights to reduce energy consumption between 8:30pm-9:30pm. Including the Eiffel Tower and the Las Vegas Strip. Can you imagine all the electricity?! It was a good night for flashlight tag, snipe-hunt, capture the flag etc..

Part of our Tree of Life theme is supporting Go Green! efforts. Good to get my mind thinking about Mother-Earth and how I am helping, or things I need to start doing to keep our earth happy.

Throughout the coming months we'll feature articles and other "Green" events that you and those in your area might like to participate in.

For more information on Earth Hour and what happened you can go to their website.

Earth Hour is a great start. It's good to know we can all go GREEN... together.


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  1. GO GREEN!! So exciting to have these wins :) Final Four woot woot!!


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