Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2: Explore a new place

*As I was about to post this, I realized that the adventure is not so...adventurous per se. Give me time, we're just starting to work up some steam!*

Day 2


"Pink Baby"
"Green Mama"

Here in Vegas there are always some "characters" that hang out and around the library. As I write that, I realize that the lib is one of me and Madelyn's favorite haunts...Hmmm. Well, let's just say, the library attracts all kinds of people.

In fact, we have security guards that patrol the area, waking up and kicking out homeless people and making sure no one steals important things. Like books. Or movies. Why they have the need to have sensors and guards paroling the movie room (yes, it's a separate glass cubicle) I have no idea. The black market value for those old dvds can't be much more than a few cents. The only movies in there are ones that we've all seen like a season of Friends or those that look like the old classics but with people you've never heard of before. Then there are the random movies maybe 200 people have seen worldwide with titles like "My Summer Love" or "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

That said, the last one actually is a real movie and only reason I know that is because I rented it. Actually I stole it. No, just joking, I rented it.

So our library isn't the run of the mill, grandma behind the desk deal. We knew we'd find something fishy going on...
...here's Pink Baby scoping out the shelves...

I set up a booby trap for would-be thieves..

What is it, Pink Baby?

A suspicious man hanging around the reading zone, eh...?

What about--!? No. Just an old man reading a newspaper.

Unfortunately we were the only characters in the building on this night BUT we did leave with a few books worth our while..

You can always tell what interests I have going on each week by what books I've rented. (Speaking of books, we'll have a post up soon about the books you're reading, ones you recommend etc..)

Day 2. Success. Green Mama over and out.


  1. Green Mama and Pink Baby! Thanks for another great adventure! Over and out....the Grand-mama!

  2. I love your post. An evening at the library where you come away with this impressive stack of books is grand indeed.

    I've never read that Mary Higgins Clark book, but one of my favorite of her books is "A Mount Vernon Love Story" about Geroge Washington. It's nothing like her usual scary stuff.

    Keep the great adventures going. I love to read them.


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