Monday, February 28, 2011

Loving a Saturday Morning Baby Shower!!!

Have you ever, ever, ever seen anything so delightful and delicious for a wee little babe?
Little crocheted baby sandals with a little sweet button on the strap. Can you see the button? My dear friend Genevieve made these. I will have to tell you more about Genevieve and her sister, Amanda a little bit later. Stay tuned. Every baby girl needs a sweet little hat.

And, a blanket to keep her nice and cozy and loved.

Such sweet fabric.

New baby delights. Ready for the party.

I reuse gift bags...doesn't everyone?Maybe not? Anyway, easy to make your own little gift tag with pretty paper, a hole punch and yarn. Off to the baby shower.

Lovely and simple tables. Felt like spring. I do love lavender and African Violets.

Snagged this picture before the festivities began. This fruit salad was so colorful and my favorite food at the shower brunch. Yum! Their was also breakfast casserole and a marvelous triple layer white cake, with layers of lemon curd....all homemade. Hello!!!!! I love lemon curd.

More growing things, so bright and green--these helped dress-up the brunch table.

Ooh! The gathering of gifts!

We played this really fun "matching" memory game. The really fun part was the small gift of sweets that went with each match. For example, if you happened to match the pictures of the baby girls, you received a 'Baby Ruth' bar. If you matched the chubby-babies, you received a 'Chunky Bar'. I matched umbilical cord and received a package of 'Rope Licorice'. All so fun and funny.

Here's pretty, Mary. Due in two weeks, and, I am "on-call" to tend her 3 boys, if baby decides to arrive before Mary's mom arrives. This dress was so sweet....a little spring dress to wear after Mary and her family move to Atlanta this summer.
We will miss them so much!

And, her name will be......CLARA! My friend Kathy has a machine that did this beautiful embroidery work. I just love this blanket, don't you?
And Kathy's daughter made this gorgeous sweater. Kristi said she worked on it each evening when her children were in bed....for a week. Only a week! I was amazed.

We are so excited to meet and welcome Clara, and soon. It was a wonderful baby shower and a great way to start off the weekend. Hope your weekend was a good one. Do tell what adventures you had this weekend!
P.S. I will post more about the baby sandals next time round. They are so, I have other goodies to show and tell. xo


  1. Thank you for the publicity. :) I love the hat and blanket. Your fabric choices are so sweet!! The shower looks beautiful as does the mother-to-be. We look forward to welcoming their family to our neck of the woods!

  2. what cute ideas, i like them all. and that blanket turned out very well! looks like a lovely time to be had all around


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