Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation...on the Porch!

I really should be sewing these little pretties into receiving blankets, as planned! But...

...something else is happening-----the snow is melting with our super warm temps. Good-bye beautiful snow. See you next time round! Drip, drip, drip! The sound of ice and snow sliding off the roof is loud and very exciting, to say the least. So, on such an occasion, I decided to take a little time off from my busy day and take a mini vacation on my front porch.

I tried out this new sugar free gum, which was surprisingly, very good. Mint Chocolate Chip gum sounded somewhat better than Cookie Dough or Strawberry Cheesecake gum. And as I chewed my gum, basked in the sun, I was swept away with all the beauty I found in my Seed catalog.

How i love growing vegetables! Look how bright and festive! If you are a gardener, give Armenian Cucumbers a try this summer. If I am remembering correctly, the first time I had Armenian Cucumbers was when I lived in Elk Grove, CA...or was it Linden, CA? No matter. I love cucumbers and these are at the top of the list of "best cucumbers" from the garden.
And, then I felt a little hungry, as I basked in the sun on the porch. I could not resist a little outdoor snack of vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries and one of my all time favorites...blackberries. As a child, my family use to pick bucket loads of wild blackberries. I remembering wading in the creeks to reach the berries, all the while-keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes and water snakes, and anxious to pick our fill, so that we could then swim and play in the water. Those California days were hot, hot, hot and the mountain creek water was always so cold, cold, cold!

Question...has anyone started their winter into spring cleaning? I began last week and am so glad I did because the more warm days we have, the harder it is to stay inside. Or, to sit myself down and do my sewing. We will be 10 or so degree's warmer tomorrow than we were today. HELP! I think I already hear my porch calling me. Guess I will be moving my sewing to my porch tomorrow. xo


  1. Wish it was that warm here, the wind blew so hard last night that the power went off! I think moving the sewing outside sounds just perfect! ;D

  2. Julie-- I think your wind is coming our way tomorrow--HA! And, we may see a little rain or snow by Sunday. Crazy days!

  3. I like your snack the best. Yummy!


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