Friday, February 11, 2011

Death By Chocolate!!!!!

You really should.......
...just one slice will do it!
This is a perfect cake for the month of February. Can you tell that this piece is still warm? I bet you chocolate lovers can nearly smell the goodness! YUM!
Welcome weekend. Glad you are here!
p.s. Thanks for sending me this recipe, Mom. I remember when we first made this recipe together in Michigan, some years ago. It was such a crowd- pleaser! xo

"Death by Chocolate Bundt Cake" or Super Moist Chocolate Bundt Cake

1 devils food cake mix (Dry--don't make it according to directions on the box)

1 -4 serving instant chocolate pudding mix
4 large eggs
1 cup sour cream
½ cup warm water
½ cup vegetable oil
1 ½ cups semi sweet chocolate chips

Place all ingredients except chocolate chips, in a large mixing bowl. Blend with electric mixer 1 minute.

Stir down sides. Continue to mix on medium speed for 2-3 minutes. Stir in chocolate chips. Pour batter into prepared bundt pan.
Bake 45-50 minutes at 350. Cool 20 minutes. Invert onto serving platter.

8 Tbsp butter (not margarine)

4 Tbsp cocoa powder
1/3 cup evaporated milk (I used 2%-it worked great)
4 cups sifted powdered sugar ( I'm not that great at sifting, Ha!)
Melt butter in medium saucepan over low heat. Whisk in cocoa and milk. Bring mixture just to boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Beat in powdered sugar with electric mixer until thickened and smooth. Pour warm frosting over warm cake. This recipe makes a lot of frosting.


  1. Wow. That looks delicious. Although, you should have waited a week to make it!

  2. mom! those pictures look great, i love the second shot with the pink heart clothe and the cake :) mmmmm yummy!

  3. That is a beautiful cake!! I'm sure it will disappear quickly. Ha!
    Lucky family.....Mom.

  4. Oh haha, I thought Jenna wrote this and was hoping to eat some next week when I see her. My bad!


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