Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lovely February!

There is just something magical about icicles. And, the cold really makes me want to eat yummy soup and garlic bread. So delicious and done in a snap.....I just added some cooked hamburger, and fresh chopped potatoes, carrots and onions, to my cooking pot. Then, I added a little salt and pepper and a can of beef broth and water to cover everything. Cook until veg's are done. If you care to thicken your soup, just take a cup of your hot beef broth out of your pot. Add a tablespoon or two of flour to the hot broth. Mix well and add back into your soup pot and stir. That should do it!
I have loved going for winter walks. Here's a picture as I head back into our driveway and towards our garage. Our house actually sits on the hill to the left. I just love the blue, blue, blue sky! And, we have had another snowstorm since I took this picture, so, add in another 4 or so inches of white fluff.

BINGO! I saw these little neon delights in our market and knew they belonged to me...ha! They have added a very bright touch to our home. Makes me think about looking through seed catalog's and dreaming of all that I would like to grow in our garden and in the flower beds in our yard. But, truthfully, for the moment, I am enjoying the quiet hush of "all things growing" as the earth rests under our blanket of snow.

Loving my new Valentine dish towels. I kept thinking I would cut them up and make sweet hot pads. Then, I thought about making them into aprons. Finally, I decided to just let them least for now. They are just so beautiful. And, I made some oatmeal, dark chocolate chip, dried cranberry cookies this morning. Just followed the recipe off the oatmeal container. This recipe has never failed me. Give it a try for a quick and delicious little cookie. Makes a good breakfast cookie, as well.

And, what would February be with out some Sweethearts! These little candies have a significant meaning in my family. When I was 5 years old, my mom and dad brought home my brand new baby sister, Kelli. She came home on Valentines Day. My mom gave me and my other sister's Sweetheart candies....a little box for each of us. Every Valentines Day since, my mom and dad have given or sent Sweethearts....Conversation Hearts, to my sister's and our families. This is such a highlight each and every February.

Came across some little Valentines. I do love Valentines...homemade or store bought.
They are so cheerful and make me smile.

Hope you are enjoying this "lovely" month of February. Just heard on the radio that today and tonight will be good for cuddling.....we will reach a high of 15 this afternoon and a low of 1 tonight.
That's my kind of weather. xo


  1. There is something magic about the way you love life.

  2. Amen, Denise. It is inspiring.
    And I love those flowers! Such a bright splash of color. All those things remind me of home and of you, a little longing for home as I read. Loved the pics too!


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