Friday, February 4, 2011


I came across this comment made by someone on another blog where readers were invited to share things they were thankful about:

"I am thankful for housework. It means I have a home to clean and that I’m physically able to do so. Bring on the mopping!"

Isn't that such an awesome attitude to have? It really opened my eyes to be thankful for the everyday things that I take for granted. Things like a roof over my head and good health. I hope I can take this view on other things as well!


  1. Too true...sometimes i find myself upset over large amounts of homework, and getting caught in the rain walking home from class. Then I have to remember, I'm lucky to be getting a college education, and blessed that I'm close enough to campus that I don't need a car, but can use my own two legs as transportation :)

  2. Good point Alyson. I remember complaining to a friend that I had to go up and down the stairs with my heavy laundry baskets. Her comment was, "I always feel blessed that I have the strength to walk up and down stairs with a laundry basket."

    I found out later that she had a life-threatening liver disease. She eventually had a liver transplant. She's alive, but she still has days of very low energy.

    I always feel grateful now when I make that walk up and down my stairs.

  3. Love your thoughts, J and the comments ring true as well. xo


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