Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fair Weather! Part One......

One of my favorite events towards the end of summer is our town Fair. It is one of the nicest country Fairs around! Well, in my opinion. Friday, of Fair week, is Ladies Day. And, per usual, the Ladies lined up right around 7:30am to help get the festivities under way.

As you enter the Ladies Day building, you receive a reusable shopping bag filled with free goodies and coupons. And, a little orange juice and muffin of choice.
There were over 400 Ladies in attendance this year.

The Ladies Day theme...Halloween. Very creative and cute. And, we were lucky to have cooler, fall like temps for the day.

My favorite "Bucket" group was hired to do their thing!

Their was a lovely fashion show. It began with these two cutie-pies, and mom, wearing rain gear that would be great for Halloween, as well. A fireman and a little fairy, were so darling.

Junior Homemaker and Adult Homemaker of the Fair were selected and congratulated...

And, their were belly dancers. I was a bit surprised, at first. But, this group put on a really great show. I actually learned a great deal about what belly dancing is all about. The music was terrific.
Now, before I move on, i must tell you that in between Buckets, the Fashion Show, and the Belly Dancers, their were tons of give aways. For example, FREE hotel stays, meals at wonderful restaurants, flower arrangement's, art work, clothing, spa treatments, bike shop fleece pull-overs, etc. I was happy to win a little something myself. Are you ready? A free oil change....including the oil. Just so happens that hubby changes the oil in our cars. But, during Fair week we were pressed for time and we needed an oil change. Superific! I must tell you, too, that the Grand Prize winner received a beautiful bag with $500.00
cash, in the bag!!!!!! Oh-lah-lah!

I took a little stroll around the Fair after Ladies Day events ended. Canning, baking, cake decorating and gift box decorating...all beautiful.

Home grown veg's and eggs were displayed and judged. So colorful and beautiful.

Then, there were quilts and clothing and gorgeous crocheted and knit items.

And the floral display! It was so amazing. The flowers in vases were 6 days old by this point of the Fair week. Still looking good.

And, animals. Here's a gobbler for ya' all!

Sweet and soft bunny rabbits.

Prize winning roosters!

Colorful fowl!

Horse riding activities!

Our friends did quite well in their horse competitions, gleaning many a brightly colored ribbon.

My favorite Fair ride ever! It was a beaut of a day. I love the Fair.


  1. Great pics and commentary on your wonderful fair. I wish I could have attended.

  2. Me too. I believe you were out west with your family. Maybe next year?


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