Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't follow the Vampire Craze going on..I reached my tolerance point when I saw on the news where teenagers are getting fang-like vampire veneers for $200. But I do have a secret appreciation for this show:

More specifically..

Tell me you watch it too!? Every Thursday my sister in law calls before the show starts and I feel like I'm in high school again watching 7th Heaven or The Bachelor and discussing it with my friends on the phone during commercials.

It's dramatic, exciting and the plot is sooo good. It goes back to those high school days when EVERYTHING was important. Keirsten White put it perfectly when she wrote this post on why paranormal romance is the ultimate metaphor for teenage romance. Read it. It makes so much sense.

Until then...if I don't pick up the phone in the next hour.. I'm watching VAMPIRE DIARIES!! ::peels out:: Ok that'd be more cool if I was actually in a car.


  1. hahaha i CANNOT believe that about the vampire veneers, that's crazy. At the same time, I suppose I'm not really surprised. J, I haven't seen the show, but given this post (ok, so it might have been the pictures, too) i now want to see what it's all about


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