Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Autumn! And, a Little Fall Craft!

This is a great project that can easily be adapted to having your little one's help, too, or even to do their very own. Start with a vase or container that you like. This is one of my favorites. It is nice and tall.

Pick out fall-like paper or one of my favorites, felt. I do love felt. Get your scissors and tape, too. Double sided tape would make this project a little easier for little hands. Begin cutting out leaves of all sizes and shapes.
I came across a packet of "maple leaves" at Jo Anne's and opted to use them for this craft...instead of cutting out leaves from felt and/or paper. They were just so pretty and really...they just jumped out at me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me now! So, I did...for a dollar.
Begin to attach your leaves to your vase by using your tape on the back of your leaves. Make sure to press your adhesive against the glass with a little oomph! Otherwise, your fall leaves will begin to fall.

Keep on going! Round and round.

Before you know it, you will have covered your vase. Add lots of leaves or I chose to leave a little spacing between leaves because of what I was doing next......

I filled my vase with "apple orchard" potpourri...and scattered a few leaves and such. Smells so good! Wouldn't this be pretty with some acorns scattered around, too?

Simple, easy, and a perfect little splash of fall color as we begin a new season. Good-bye summer. Hello Autumn!


  1. So if I don't have those leaves I should cut out with the felt? It would be so pretty to put a tea light candle in it too then the leaves will throw fall shadows on the wall! Hmm that might leave dark marks on the inside so maybe use an old vase for that? Love this idea!

  2. yep...I first bought felt and some scrapbook paper and thought I would just cut out some leaves to attach. Then, as I was leaving the store, I saw the "maple leaves" and thought they were oh so pretty...and used them. I also thought about a little candle in the top. I think if you had it sitting up high enough and not to broad, it would be perfect. I may do that myself. Glad you liked this. xoxoxo

  3. This is a great idea for Achievement Day Girls or any YW class. Easy and cute!

  4. Beautiful, talented lady! Our fall colors aren't quite here yet...still too hot! :)


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