Thursday, September 9, 2010

Projects and a pickle pattern

This is my craft corner a.k.a. my dining room. You may recognize that desk as the one I put together last fall.

(Don't tell Hubby I told you this but around here, I'm the handy woman. He finally went out and bought himself a tool kit and I had him tighten the bathroom towel rack. Just to feel manly). My desk is always kept in the organized chaos I like to surround myself with. A few projects are in the works:

This canvas bag from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia book is calling my name for fall. A few leaves, some fabric paint, ribbon etc..this weekend I should be able to post about it.

This fabric I fell in love with from Phat Fabric It was $14 for two yards and rightly priced for a new skirt. The problem is my pattern, or lack thereof...

You would think this skirt would be formed out of panels and a ruffle along the bottom. Instead it is composed of many round parts. As shown:

So it's been a challenge how to get a pattern from this without taking the skirt apart. Newspaper on top and trace? Newspaper below and poke holes? ANOTHER challenge is that my fabric is a print and I want to keep it as closely matched up as possible which means cutting out and sewing might be interesting as well.

I'd step out of the box and just create my own pattern but here is an example of why that's a very bad idea:

Here is a picture of Dana's diaper cover

Somehow I've succeeded in making my daughter the bikini version

Here it is compared to another normal 0-3 months size

If it looks lopsided to you, that's just the camera angle. Ok just kidding, it really is lopsided.

Anyway, I'm so excited to make headway on these projects, I'll update you daily on what's new!

Are you knee deep in any projects?


  1. You are one busy chick-a-dee. The little diaper cover for M is so darling...matches her itty-bitty dress. Will u be making it "not bikini" style-ha! Good luck. And, wish I could be of more help with your skirt. I love your fabric. Keep chipping away at it. It will be very pretty...little at a time.
    Looking forward to all your creativity and projects. xoxoxo

  2. You are so creative and motivated. Creating beautiful things for the ones we love is an art and great therapy, in my opinion.

    P.S. I love the new format for your blog.


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