Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday nights!

Thursday evening, I headed to Sounds and Sights. Hubby had to work late, so, I headed out for the last Thursday night of the Sounds and Sights season.

You can catch a dog, drink and chips for $4.00 or hit our town deli, cafe, ice cream shop, market,
or restaurants to add to your fun evening in town.

Of course, my favorite group...Clean Beats. Great bucket group. Very entertaining. They have some fun routines.

New attire this week...shirts, beanies/handkerchief and sunglasses. And, a little hurt knee for the first drummer on the left.

They look so serious-ha! Next gig...Clean Beats will be playing at Ladies Day at the Fair.

I wandered around listening to a few of the other bands around town. So relaxing! This band was down by our new Clock Tower Plaza. Music was great. In the crowd, I spotted a group of women, who looked like they were their to stay for the entire evening. Maybe so. They were sitting on benches listening to this band, while they were knitting and crocheting....only in our town.

Another great sounding band. Loved their jamming stances!

This band was down by the ice cream shop and were also excellent. They sounded terrific, as well. It was so nice to just wander from band to band and hear all kinds of different types of music. I ran into friends at this point and did not make it around to 3 other bands. That's AOK. It was great to see old friends and visit.

A few other fun places.... our train depot. Not used as a depot anymore. It is a small museum and the main body of the train station is used for gatherings, receptions, etc.

Our very, very, very old Farmers Supply. Located right across the street from the train depot. It is a great little place, if you want to step back in time to a slower paced life, while shopping for seeds, animal food, muck boots, gardening stuff, baby chicks, etc.

As luck would have it, a train came barreling down through the lower edge of town, horn blowing and all.

And then it was time to wrap things up...... past the Jiffy plant, saying "good-bye" to another great summer of Thursday night Sounds and Sights-----until next year.

p.s. Soon as the sunsets, you can see a family movie projected on a huge wall of a building downtown. This happens each and every Thursday night---and free! Just bring your blanket, chairs and snacks and sit back and enjoy a movie with family and friends.

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  1. Sure love these pictures, Mom!You've really captured the fading summer into fall feeling. Makes me miss the ole hometown!


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