Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As we've hit and passed our 100th post, we've decided it was high time for our FIRST GIVEAWAY!! (closed, needless to say)

The lucky winner will receive 2 flowers in their choice of coloring. I clip these in my hair with a messy bun, sew them to headbands, to bags, attach them to beaded bracelets around my wrist, pin them onto my shirt or scarf ..the uses are endless!

Here are the colors:

Golden brown, rust print, brown

Red, white with polka dots, red flower print

Black, black zebra, white with white polka dots

Light blue and green paisley print (would go pretty with a blue bracelet!)

Any colors, any mix n' match!
(I apologize if any pictures are blurry..I spilled a bottle in my purse and it got all over the camera!)

You can choose up to 5 fabric colors but I usually stick with 2-3/flower. You have the option of choosing 2 flower pins, or 2 flower headbands (sewed to a small black head band, like a giant hair tie type hair band). Or one of each!

To Enter do the following:

-leave a comment with what color fabrics you'd like your flower to be made of

- become a follower OR if you already are one, tell us!

So that enters your name twice and doubles your chances! We'll draw a random winner Monday morning along with the tutorial of how to make the flowers yourselves!

We're so excited to be giving something back to you,and thanks for reading our blog and for your wonderful comments :)

Sydney and Jenna


  1. Denise's Entry: I like the fabrics in the very first photo, gold, rust, brown. Hope I win!

  2. Aww. The zebra flower is pretty. :)

  3. i like the red flower print and zebra! :)(although maybe not together...hehe)

  4. I love the colors in the second picture! You ladies are awesome :)

  5. I pick the colors in the first photo as well: golden brown, rust print, & brown. Fun! :)

  6. I love the black and white or blue and green paisley. And, yes, of course I'm a follower! :)

  7. The first photo-Gold, rust & brown is of course my favorite but love the look of the of the black, zebra and white. All are quite was hard to choose, Ha!


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