Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fair Weather...Part 2

Back to the Fair.....checking out the livestock!


All kinds of sheep and goats!


Have you ever had an Elephant Ear?

This is the Elephant Ear Wagon. Many, many, many years ago, our church had to raise a certain amount of money each year to help pay for building costs. Our church gutted out a trailer and transformed it into what it is today....The Elephant Ear Wagon. As time went on, and our church did not have to raise funds anymore, different groups worked the Elephant Ear Wagon and earned money for their group...for example, Boy Scouts, Marching Bands, Girls camp money, etc. Then, it came time, to move on. A few years ago, the Elephant Ear Wagon was sold to Amie Jo. We felt sad, but, really like Amie Jo and her mother.

This, is an Elephant Ear. It is just the BEST! Hubby and I look forward to getting and Elephant Ear each year at the Fair. Delicious.

And, on Friday night of the Fair, before the truck/tractor pull, we eat this.....a bucket of fresh cut fries and a corn dog. Why does the Fair make these food items taste so good? Really....such a divine, once a year splurge!

Have you ever been to a tractor or truck pull? It is fun , exciting and take your ear plugs. It gets really, really, really...I mean, really loud. It all starts out with Farm tractors, doing their best to pull the sled of weight. We see how far each can pull the weight until they just cannot go any further. Additional weight is added for the beefier, more high powered tractor's. Otherwise, they would just rip right through the arena and out the other side.

Some BIG-BAD, super-duper, tractors give us quite a show.

This powerful tractor is doing what's called, "Building the Boost".

Hard to see...but, helmets and full body attire is worn. The competitors look like race car drivers, all decked out. And, this competitor is getting ready to "Build the Boost". Once the exhaust turns black, like in the picture above, you take off. And wow! When they take off, it is massive.

Then, we get down to some fun trucks. They can really haul!


Powerful stuff.

So fast, and so loud! Was super cool!

Well, until next year. Ya' all should really come to the Fair.

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  1. I love all the pictures! Especially those pigs...what a perfect pose! I never did have an elephant ear, can you believe it? I heard plenty of groans whenever the elephant ear wagon was mentioned though...seemed to be a love/hate relationship with many people! :)


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