Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apple Pancakes!

We love apple pancakes around here. It is such a favorite and not just for breakfast. Using some of my favorite golden delicious apples and my best ever pancake mix...which really means I use a basic pancake recipe, throw in some oatmeal flour, a little wheat germ, some cinnamon, and whatever else seems to go with apples!

Now, don't be fooled. This is not the prettiest of pancakes, but, the surprise is hidden inside. Go ahead and take a look.......

There you go! I simply dip the apple rings in pancake batter, adding a little more batter after the apple hits the fry pan.

And, then comes the pure maple syrup. Have you ever tried "real" maple syrup before? It is different and festive, with a deep and rich flavor. Give it a try sometime.

Gosh! These just hit the spot. A little fun hint....these make a great after school snack. Easy for children to just grab one (minus the syrup, of course) and head outside to play.


  1. Mmm I'd never think to dip the apples into the batter...I think I'll have to try this for next weekend!

  2. You're a genius! Really, you are! :)

  3. i love all the foods you two show, they always look so delicious!!


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