Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Favorites: Dish Cloth Beauties!

Hello little pretties! I adore these fall colors.

Did some crocheting over the weekend. Do you crochet? I love to make these dish cloths. They are quick and they are easy. And the color selection at the store....oooh-la-la! I am a very basic 101 crocheting gal. In fact, I have been making these dish cloths and scarves using the same pattern for years. That is the extent of my crocheting knowledge. And, I am happy with it.

And, it seems like we must make a blue cloth since the Michigan skies are so bright blue this time of year...no haze from humidity. Have to enjoy it all.

Beautiful colors. Crocheting is very calming to my soul. I take my crocheting with me just about everywhere. I watch my son play tennis, crocheting all the while. Really, you can do both.
One of my most favorite crocheting memories is when my children were little and my Mom was visiting us from California. It was Winter Olympic time. Every night after children were safely tucked in bed, we brought out our crocheting and watched the Winter Olympics. We basically crocheted our way through the Olympics. It was so fun!!!!
I will have more on crocheting a little bit later. Happy day!


  1. I do crochet and I did crochet this weekend. :)

  2. i like how you related the blue color from the yarn to the blue color in the sky :) that's pretty cool. and it's definitely time for the halloween table cloth!

  3. Yep! I do love a fun table cloth. Aly,Can you believe I have three Halloween table cloth's? I will use them all. xo


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