Monday, October 18, 2010


Happy Monday! These just make me smile!!
These are such a favorite and have been since childhood. I made a zillion of these yesterday afternoon and had such fun giving them away to neighbors and friends.
I used my mom's sugar cookie recipe, rolled, baked and decorated. A little trick I discovered....I had rolled and cut about 40 cookies when it dawned on me that I could maybe do this in an easier way. I rolled cookie dough into small balls....just like you would do with peanut butter cookies....did the criss-cross press with a fork. Amazingly, the cookies turned out nice and round, without having to roll and cut. Hmmmmm. Maybe I am the last one to know about this-ha! Anyway, so, I made a bunch of plain sugar cookies using this method, as well.
All good. Have a good start to the week.
p.s. I had to use chocolate chips for the mouths. I usually use raisins. I think the raisins lay better on the cookie and look happier....if that is possible.


  1. Man, those look so delicious!! Oh, how I wish for an oven in my dorm. I'd be so happy with my life if I did. Haha.

  2. These are so cute. And...raisins may lie down better, but most people like chocolate chips more. I think these are perfect.

  3. these were delicious! i think i might still have another one or two in my cupboard... :)


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