Monday, October 4, 2010

Time For a Little Snack.....


This is one of my FAVORITE autumn snacks and/or lunch, on occasion. I love golden delicious apples with peanut butter. This is quick to make, really gives the ole body a boost in energy, and the taste is divine. My favorite topping --- raisins with crushed cashews. While growing up, I remember my Mom sprinkling sunflower seeds on her slice of apple with peanut-butter. The choice of toppings are endless.
You can even pack these for lunch---I just put the two slices of apples together and put it in a plastic container or wrap in saran. Delicious!

Do you have a favorite topping? Do share!!!!


  1. those looks so yummy. sadly, i only have peanut butters, and no apples. but once i get some of them, you can bet i'm gonna make myself a snack

  2. Drats, Aly. I should have given you a bunch of apples when you were home on the weekend. Sorry about that! Do try it. It is so simple and tasty. xoxox

  3. It looks fabulous. I love apples with peanut butter. Such a good snack! Aly--eat apples! Don't you know they keep the doctor away!?! Unless he happens to be a med school Dr-in-training then, well..


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