Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Favorite: Fall Hike!

Yesterday we went on our first family hike. I'm always secretly whining to myself about how dry and desert-y the Nevada landscape is. I long for the greenery of the east coast. To my great surprise--after driving through the ugliest landscape ever, think dry ground with small cacti and shrubs--there is this mountain oasis with a great hiking trail.

are we seriously in Nevada still?! Yep!

We were well stocked for the journey..Toothless in her front pack on Dad, me as pack mule with baby's effects and our trail mix and waters

Can you tell I rarely get outside?! Oh nelly..that's whiteness!

The trail head looked pretty good.

We joked about Mountain Lions being in the area and how Aaron would have to defend us with his bare hands and baby strapped to his chest..luckily there weren't any.

Beautiful tall trees...

Stop for reinforcements. Toothless is wearing like 3 layers. The weather was chilly and her poor hands and feet kept getting cold. We wrapped that blanket around her and kept her close to dad's chest in her front pack to stay warm and toasty.

The further we hiked the prettier it got and the more I felt like I was in Indiana Jones looking for a lost artifact. No artifacts but I did find a lost plastic toy saw and a woman's glove hanging on a tree branch. Spooky!

AMAZING scenery!

It was WELL worth the 3 hours round trip hike complete with stops and "Aaron wait, let me take a picture!" which did slow us down. I loved smelling that fresh pine air, feeling the fall chill over my skin and to be surrounded by so much beauty God created.

So, Toothless, should we go again?

I'll take that as a yes.


  1. That looks really beautiful. It's all desert it seems when you drive out east past Sparks up here but when you go west towards California there's great places. Galena is pretty and close to Tahoe and Mount Rose. Verdi area and everything has amazing lakes and the Truckee River is pretty running along. Hiking is always fun up there and so is four-wheeling in the snow.

  2. What a great day of hiking! The scenery is beautiful! Glad you guys had a chance to go and do something so fun together. xoxo

  3. whoa! that looks so pretty out there. and those shots of toothless were absolutely priceless. she's so cute! i still can't believe her blue eyes...and haha loved your comment "oh nelly..that's whiteness!"


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