Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is my son, in his Halloween costume....Edward Scissorhands. He had a music concert at his school last night and the kids all dressed in all kinds of costumes. It was so fun and funny. A little closer look at the scissorhands that we made out of sheets of crafting foam and 75cent black cotton grocery store gloves. I used my glue gun to adhere the foam to the gloves. It was so easy and super cool.
Really excited for all the Halloween activites coming up! What are you dressing up to be for Halloween? Do tell!


  1. 2 of my roommates and I got the Disney theme going on. I'm Cinderella, Shauna is Jasmine, and Hannah is Belle. Very exciting. :) I love Spencer's costume!! Vay cool.

  2. Shelby....so great. You have got to post a picture of you girls, all dressed up. I love that you all are going with the Disney theme and really...the beloved and cherished Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle. Love it. Have fun! xoxoxo

  3. What a good idea..love the scissors! The little pizza's below look yummy! Have a great weekend! :D

  4. seriously, what a great costume. and he makes the perfect faces to go along with it!


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